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    Pes Planus

    Pes Planus

    In a normal feet structure, there are curves formed by muscles and bones. If these curves are not existent, it is called flatfeet. Flatfeet, which is called “pes planus” in medical literature is generally recognised by the family. Because the family sees it important, special sole plates are used unnecessarily.

    In recently walking children, because the fat tissue in the feet has not disappeared yet, the family gets anxious by thinking their child has flatfeet. Actually, with walking, the fat tissue in the feet disappears and feet curve becomes visible. The development of the child’s feet should be watched carefully, and if flatfeet do not disappear, a pediatric orthopedist should be seen. Flatfeet that are called flexible type, which is recognized after the child begins walking, cannot be diagnosed before the age of 4. According to the type of flatfeet, your doctor will give you treatments such as exercises, orthopedic shoe use. It must be especially indicated that orthopedic shoe is not given to correct the feet but to improve the walking comfort.

    In rarely seen and congenital flatfeet, the curve of the feet has not developed and it is impossible to create these curves by examination. In that situation, it is necessary to see an orthopedist for diagnose and treatment.